Tarpon Cove


Architectural Review Committee
    Term Length Term Expiration  
  Don Romoser, Liaison      
  Clem Watson, Chair 3 2025  
  Pasquale Razzano 3 2025  
  Jim Sima 1 2023  
  Greg Hannon 3 2025  
  Ron Menna 3 2024  

Finance Committee
  Howard Cole 2 2024
  Gene Wise 2 2024  
  George Elkins 2 2024
  Nasser Farshchian 2 2024  

Audit Committee
  Mary Burkley Pike 3 2024
  Jay Cumming   3 2025  
  Don Romoser Non Treasurer BOD rep.     

Long Range Planning Committee
  Pete Gomsak, Laision      

ADVISORY COMMITTEES -  Created annually by Board if they choose

Building and Grounds Committee
  Dave Cattrell, Co-Liaison    
  Lee Kraus - Co-Liaison    
  Ken Ransby - Chair    
  Linda White    
  Clyde Torp    
  Blanche Hawkins    
  Melinda Earle    

Keewaydin & Waterfront Committee
  Carol Garvey, Board Liaison      
  Tom Engel, Chair      
  Ed Muldoon      
  Donna Lessard      
  John Miller       
  Irene Stoehr      

Lakes Committee
  Denise Swanson, Liaison    
  Mary Jo Nolin, Chair    
  Tina Davis    
  Jamie Williams    
  Fred Jahnig    
  Joel Bleier    

  Holly Denis, Liaison    
  Cheryl Mola , Chair    
  Jane Ramsland    
  Tom Smith    
  Georgene MacLennon